Sea of Sand // Randy Fenoli x Grace & White Bridal Sand Dunes Desert Reno Nevada Styled Session

//Sea of Sand

You know when you get that urge to want to do something and you can’t sleep or interested in doing anything else? That is how I felt about want to style a session with lots of textures in the sand dunes! I started taking notes down of the various shots I had in mind from poses, to apertures, angles and props! As for the gown, I pictured a sleek wedding gown; however, with lots of subtle detailing, unique lacing and sparkle! I also wanted to shoot with someone new that I haven’t worked with yet.

We shot the Dalton wedding gown by Randy Fenoli from Grace & Bridal Boutique. It’s a breathtaking dress with detachable sleeves (with lacing I haven’t seen before!), long train with an amazing beaded design and such a timeless look! Daisy modeled for me during this session and she actually works in the tree care industry. I loved her eccentric style and her tattoos were beautiful! It was an early wake up call, we got our six month old daughter fed, dressed and made our way our to the dunes! The bouquet was a designers choice from The Garden of RenoThey knocked it out of the park with flow textures and harmonious color palette.

It was perfect weather. There were a couple buggies riding with the rise of the sun, but we didn’t get into each others ways. The ripples in the sand were giving all zen and I tried my best to try to make as little footsteps as possible from throwing anything that Daisy needed to using props to pull the gown in the directions needed! Daisy asked if she could get a few shots with her hula hoops and of course I couldn’t pass that up! It was amazing watching her do her tricks and capturing both sharp and motion blur shots for her. I am so thankful for this session and being able to get creative with my husband, daughter and making a new friend! Here’s to many more sessions at the dunes!

xo Kat

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Sea of Sand // Randy Fenoli x Grace & White Bridal Sand Dunes Desert Reno Nevada Styled Session