Pure Bliss // Dreamy Documentary Style Family Meadow Lake Tahoe Mount Rose

// in the embrace of wildflowers

My heart! Brit contacted me inquiring about a family session with her husband and three daughters. I am the oldest of three daughters (there was four of us – our youngest sister passed away when she was a baby) and I immediately felt connected knowing how special these photos were going to be.

It was a chilly evening with some winds that picked up – You all know the wind makes my heart happy! Some clients get really nervous about the wind in photos, but I try to reassure them that the wind creates a different magic in the photos! We parked our cars and they were all ready and excited for the session! We walked through a first meadow – it was quite muddy! I always take the first steps in to make sure the locations are okay to shoot in depending on the session and outfits my clients have. I was able to find a little pressed grass walking path where we started shooting first! I like to have families hang out together genuinely and I then provide subtle guidance along the way to make it feel and look natural. Golden hour was showing off and you could just lose yourself in the meadow. Meadows are my kind of therapy.

We moved onto our next close location where we hung out and captured the rest of the session! My husband and I felt as though we’ve known them forever and the girls were absolute sweethearts. We had so much fun while embracing it all – picking wildflowers, dancing in the wind, playing tag and of course trying to stay warm 🙂 It was a quick session because of the cold, but so organic and authentic. Pure bliss.

I am so thankful for the wonderful people I get to meet and being able to document memories like these! I am not a writer (as you can tell from my blog posts), but photography allows me to speak without words. Forever grateful for this hobby that is now my full-time job, for anyone taking the time to read my posts and for supporting my work. I appreciate you more than you know.



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Pure Bliss // Dreamy Documentary Style Family Meadow Lake Tahoe Mount Rose