Downtown Reno Nevada Sign, Courthouse & Rooftop Engagement Session // Makiah + Franklin

// Makiah + Franklin Romance Movie

Makiah reached out to me with her vision of wanting to do an engagement session in downtown Reno while her and her fiance Franklin visited one weekend to tour some wedding venues. Makiah and Franklin are originally from Chico, California, located just under three hours west of Reno. I was so excited when I read her inquiry and already knew that we were going to be a great fit!

It was a cold afternoon during the first week in January when we met each other downtown with lots of ice everywhere! Makiah and Franklin made the entire session seem so natural and warm! They were truly the cutest! We started under the Reno arch, one of their location requests and they danced, laughed, made out etc. All the adorable lover things! 🙂 We then continued to the courthouse where we incorporated artful, vogue and traditional engagement shots. It’s so much fun being able to explore the environment and somehow interlace it with my couples to help tell their story. I climbed up a couple spots, to try to get some unique shots and also we walked around the building to try to get some more greenery on this icy winter day. I also captured shots of them while we walked on the new bridge with both outfits as I feel this is such a beautiful piece of work that the city has added to downtown. Halfway through our session, they ran back to their car to get their outfit change and I waited for them inside their hotel. They were staying at the Whitney Peak and after they came down I had to take a quick shot of them on the luggage cart on our way out the door – It was the most precious shot! Makiah laid across Franklin and he snuggled her up onto him! 🙂 Off we went to capture the last shots of their session that included also roof top photos with the sun setting behind the snowy mountains in the background. It was so dreamy and of course we did some more dancing up there! Who doesn’t love dancing on roof tops?!

Photographing engagement sessions is a profound aspect of my full-time job as a photographer, as it serves as the gateway to capturing the essence of a couple’s love story. Each session presents an opportunity to document the excitement, anticipation, and tender moments that mark the beginning of their journey towards marriage. Beyond the technical aspects of composition and lighting, I approach these sessions with a deep-seated passion for storytelling and a genuine desire to connect with the couples I work with. For me, photography is not just about capturing images; it’s about immortalizing emotions, preserving memories, and celebrating the unique bond between two individuals. I believe that by fostering a connection with my clients, I can better understand their personalities, dynamics, and the nuances of their relationship, allowing me to capture authentic moments that truly reflect their love. Every client holds significance to me, as I invest my heart and soul into each session, ensuring that the photographs convey not only the visual beauty, but also the emotional depth of their connection. Whether it’s through laughter, stolen glances, or tender embraces, I strive to create images that evoke genuine emotions and tell a compelling narrative. Through my dedication and passion for photography, I strive to provide couples with timeless mementos that they can cherish for a lifetime, serving as a testament to the enduring power of love. In essence, photographing engagement sessions is not just a job for me; it’s a labor of love, an opportunity to weave together moments of joy, intimacy, and romance, and to celebrate the magic of true love captured through the lens.

This was Makiah and Franklins little romance movie in my eyes. Their family lives in Reno and it was important for them to get married here even though they live in California. They had their beautiful elegant and casual outfits that reflected exactly who they were from the fur and leather black coats, to the neutral button ups. They chose the roof top location over a bar that made this session even more M+F. I love how cinematic these photos came out even before editing. It’s something that I have been working on to capture directly in my camera and also in post. It been a challenge to bend rules and I catch myself when I’m capturing the photos too clean, traditional and with no depth. I definitely include these in my weddings especially for family shots, but my engagement sessions are a time to get extra creative! This is what makes every session so different and so special to each couple. My heart was melting from all the love that these two radiated and they were just simply so much fun to hang out with! Our evening was overflowing with joy! To add on to their movie, they are now expecting and I couldn’t be more happy for them!! I am so thankful that Makiah reached out and now for this new friendship!

xo Kat

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Downtown Reno Nevada Sign, Courthouse & Rooftop Engagement Session // Makiah + Franklin